Jen (greeniezona) wrote in miprogressives,

town hall meeting TODAY for animal control laws, Van Buren Township

On Wednesday, Jan. 9, the Public Safety Committee in Van Buren Township, Mich., will be presenting and discussing a draft ordinance to modify the township's current animal control laws. The ordinance, which has not been published, will reportedly include a limit on the number of pets per household and a possible breed ban.

If you live in or near the township, please attend the meeting and voice your opinion on the proposed ordinance.

Date: Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2008
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Location: 46425 Tyler Road, Van Buren Township, MI 48111

In October 2007, the township attempted to ban pit bulls and other breeds it deemed “dangerous dogs.” The Public Safety Committee considers the proposed ordinance a "work in progress," so your input is important!

(I know this is beyond last minute, but this was the first chance I had to post this, and better late than never, right? Maybe somebody local can swing this.)
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