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Free Market Event

The Bloom Collective in Grand Rapids is hosting a free market event whereby folks can bring items to share with others at no cost.  It's like a Freecycle event but flea market style or at least that's how I understand it.  I have no part in it personally but thought I would share the information courtesy of Media Mouse.  Direct all questions to the Bloom Collective e-mail address in the cut below.

07/27/08: Really, Really Free Market

2:00pm @ Corner of Wealthy and Fuller

Wealthy and Fuller
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Let's share what we've got and ask for what we need, because there is enough for everyone. Let's respond to the corporations that would rather the landfills overflow than anyone get something without paying. Let's meet this month to show that we mean what we've been saying--we want an alternative, and we're going to invent it for ourselves.

Come to the first ever REALLY, REALLY FREE MARKET in Grand Rapids! Bring usable stuff that you don't need and/or aren't using to share with others. You might consider bringing clothes, furniture, records, toys, or even food.

For info, contact Bloom Collective at bloom@mediamouse.org
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