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Light Rail and BRT in Michigan

Plans have been proposed for an ambitious light rail system in Detroit and a state of the art bus rapid transit system in Grand Rapids.  This is extremely positive news because federal funding is available provided that the state matches some of it.  For a wonderfully written article, please read Andy Guy's piece, "Grand Rapids: Gateway to Michigan’s Transit Success" on the Michigan Land Use Institute website, courtesy of the Great Lakes Bulletin News Service.

I am ecstatic about this because I am car less and our major cities need and deserve these services so badly.  Please consider writing your reps and the governor to support these proposals.  A lot of research has been done and I would hate to see bad politics ruin Michigan's chance to get ahead.  Transportation is a major factor in reviving the Michigan economy and citizens have been very supportive in turning out in favor of bus and rail expansions around the state.

I thought if anyone would be interested in this issue, it would be some of you.  I apologize for not posting this sooner.
--Partially x-posted from my own journal entry.
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